Therapeutic Massage in South Minneapolis

Joanna Lees

Joanna Lees has been a practicing certified massage therapist since 2011. She earned her certification in Therapeutic Massage from CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School. Joanna specializes in Swedish/relaxation and rehabilitative massage(deep tissue/trigger point therapy/etc…) and believes that no matter the level of fitness or background, every body’s quality of life can improve with the presence of massage. She has previously worked as a massage therapist at Vinna Fitness/Corrective Exercise Specialists in downtown Minneapolis.

Joanna is also a professional modern dancer and graduated cum laude with distinction with her B.F.A. in Dance and Minor in Business from the Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio) in 2007. She is the Co-Founding Artistic and Executive Director of Alternative Motion Project (AMP), a professional modern dance company in Minneapolis.

Joanna Lees is currently not instructing any classes.